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High-quality lightweight stretch cotton jersey knit fabric features a smooth hand and a four-way stretch for added comfort and ease. This versatile fabric is perfect for making T-shirts, loungewear, yoga pants, children's wear and more.
in collaboration with the Swedish Diabetes Association
Ernst Textil have produced two different patterns in a total of 5 different colors for the benefit of the Swedish Diabetes Association. By ordering these fabrics from us, you help in the fight against diabetes as we donate all our profits to the Diabetes fight for a healthy life and a future without diabetes DO YOU WISH TO HELP? Swish: 900 77 41 BG: 900-7741
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The largest wholesaler of linen in Sweden
Linen is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly fabric. Linen is suitable for everything when it comes to home textiles and clothing. Our linen is high quality with long shimmering fibers and only few irregularities. In our assortment we have a mix of washed and sanitized linen that feels lean and airy to the skin. You will find over 100 different color options and varieties of linen in our stocked base range and as many as order goods. The benefits of linen are endless, the absolute best choice of material when it comes to durability. Linen is also dirt-resistant and can therefore be advantageously washed at lower temperatures. The fact that linen has a living structure also makes it a very exciting material to work with plus it will be more beautiful and beautiful with time. Curtains, tablecloths and bedding, it's just the imagination that sets limits!

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